The job market in today's era is becoming increasingly cutting-edge, and employers are doing their best to find and retain outstanding applicants. And, because the US population currently contains around 19 million veterans, it's high time to prioritize their contribution in every workplace. This article introduces the best way of ensuring you are utilizing veteran resources effectively, i.e. incorporating veteran mentoring support programs. You'll find the numerous benefits these programs offer your organization below.

What is a Veteran Mentoring Support Program?

Veteran mentoring programs are tailored to help individuals that have served in the US military reintegrate properly with civilian life and its demands. These programs enable the formation of one-on-one relationships between junior veterans and experienced mentors within an organization. The mentors don't have to be veterans, but if they are, the better. Mentors with military experience help new veteran employees to attain individual and professional growth. Plus, they also show the juniors how to adjust and reach their fullest potential, especially if they got wounded or injured in the line of duty.

What You Stand to Gain by Incorporating Veteran Mentoring Programs in Your Organization

Your company stands to benefit from veteran mentoring programs in various ways, including:

1. Discover talent and potential

Most veterans are untapped goldmines of talent and potential. With proper mentorship and the right environment, some turn into great leaders and innovative specialists. Therefore, when you incorporate veteran mentorship programs in your workplace, you will likely unearth talented, agile-minded individuals that will help you propel your organization to success.

2. Increase morale

Junior veterans need mentorship programs that will enable social interaction and bonding with each other and the rest of your team. That helps them transition faster and feel more connected. Besides, they can also use their mentors to set achievable goals.

3. Be more inclusive

Inclusivity is vital in every organization. And, since most other groups likely have their support programs, veterans should have mentoring programs too. Such a program will link them to other veterans that have successfully undergone the same experiences. Plus, it will make them feel accepted and understood by their peers.

4. Attract other driven and talented veterans

Once veterans discover that you focus on mentoring and supporting them, more talent will flock into your organization. The more candidates you get, the higher the likelihood you will be able to hire top performers.

5. Retain outstanding veterans

Veterans, just like many other people, often struggle to pick careers. Veteran mentors can guide hesitant juniors into career paths they are likely to thrive in. And, once veterans have found their place in the world and your organization, all that is left is to create a conducive environment to ensure they won't leave.

Keep these tips in mind when looking into veteran mentoring support programs for your business.