Online Bible colleges offer several undergraduate degree programs. Here are some of the types of degrees you might earn from an online Bible college, and what they could prepare you for.

Associate Degree: 2-Year Program Within the United States

Associate degrees from online Bible colleges are 2-year degree programs. They're usually pursued after high school, by students who don't yet have a 4-year bachelor's degree.

Studying the Bible for two years provides a solid foundation in the core subjects of Biblical studies, and many programs also provide core courses that many 4-year bachelor's programs require. Some associate degree programs have a particular Christian emphasis, such as Christian leadership, youth ministry, or music and worship.

You may pursue a 2-year program as your only degree, or it can be completed as preparation for a longer 4-year bachelor's program. Sometimes students enroll in associate degree programs so they can improve their grades before applying to a lengthier program, and sometimes they do it because two years requires a smaller financial and time commitment.

Many churches hire staff members who have associate degrees. The positions that are available might be ordained or non-ordained positions, but they usually aren't the head of a church or parachurch organization. You'll likely work under someone if you have this degree.

Diploma: 2-Year Program Outside of the United States

Diplomas involve two years of study, and they're much like associate degrees. Most online Bible colleges that offer diplomas are outside of the United States, while those that offer associate degrees are in the United States. The two different programs are mostly otherwise identical.

Expect to study the same subjects during a diploma program as you would in an associate degree program. It'll open up similar academic and job opportunities, too.

Bachelor's Degree: Standard 4-Year College Degree

A bachelor's degree is the standard 4-year college degree that many students earn. Pursuing a bachelor's degree at an online Bible college makes this type of program accessible and more affordable than residency programs. It also allows you to study the Bible more in-depth.

The first couple of years during a bachelor's degree program will be much like what an associate degree program covers. The junior and senior years of a bachelor's program will afford more opportunities to focus on a particular major within Biblical studies, whether that's New Testament, Old Testament, Church History, Pastoral Studies, or something else.

A bachelor's degree from an online Bible college will provide many job opportunities at churches and other ministries, and you can go onto seminary.