There are many paths that people can take when they seek to enter the workforce to change career paths. One of these is to complete traditional schooling at a four-year university and then apply for entry-level positions. While this is certainly common, there are several major drawbacks including the cost of education and the possible lack of real-world experience upon graduation. Apprenticeship programs give workers another way forward, and there are many significant benefits that many people remain unaware of. Take a look below at just three of the biggest benefits that apprenticeship training programs have to offer.

Get Hands-On Training

There's nothing wrong with theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom, but doing well on tests and other academic assessments doesn't always translate to excellent performance on the job. While hands-on training is a component that is lacking in many traditional education programs, it is consistently highlighted in apprenticeships. Whether you are hoping to start a career in information technology, hospitality, or advanced manufacturing, an apprenticeship program will give you relevant training that will allow you to excel on the job. 

Gain Specific Skills

Another disadvantage of more traditional forms of career preparation is that they tend to only teach skills that are generally applicable across a variety of related fields. Apprenticeship programs, on the other hand, allow workers to gain specific skills that can be applied immediately in a particular industry. Many programs affiliated with a company also ensure that these skills align with company standards so that there is a seamless transition between the apprenticeship program and full-time employment. For most workers, this then leads to increased job security and quicker promotions. 

Take Advantage of Better Pay and Opportunities

Apprenticeships are often confused with internships, which may be short-lived and feature little to no compensation. Fortunately, individuals enrolled in an apprenticeship training program don't have to worry about their work being undervalued. That's because apprentices are paid competitive wages from the moment they begin, meaning that they are effectively being paid to obtain a valuable new skill. Not only that, but estimates show that over 90% of those who complete an apprenticeship program continue as employees and that their average salary exceeds $70,000 per year. If you are hesitant to enter an apprenticeship program because you are concerned about sacrifices you'll have to make with regard to pay, you can rest assured knowing that you will be paid a fair wage as you learn.  

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